dimanche 20 septembre 2020

Jackie dress - !APHORISM!

!APHORISM! Jackie Dress @  Kustom9 From 15th Sept to 10th Oct (available in store after the event)

Available in 10 colours each come with plain, ombre & patterned options + 'innocence' panties with show/hide.
Fatpack is fully customisable.
Maitreya - Belleza Freya - Legacy

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samedi 5 septembre 2020

BabyCar * Shine With... MoonRabbit 👍

 Shine With... @  The Kawaii Project 

Event Opens : 4th of each month at 12 am SLT, Closes : End of each month at 12 am SLT.

Shine With... Bubble Hearts

Shine With... Clouds

Shine With... Crystal Hearts

Shine With... Fires

Shine With... Stars

Want to express yourself without saying a word and still have your message be special?

Well Moon Rabbit is ready to make you shine!

Surround yourself with sparkling stars, hearts, fires or clouds! These animated auras are hovering around your avatar, you can change it's size, multiply, and move to use around any part of your body. You can wear more than one too.

MoonRabbit  BabyCar

BabyCar RARE 4

Hud Fur Chair

Hud Car Control with : Light on/off - Beep Beep - $#*@%!!! - Drift Overlord - Driving Music on/off


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"CHRISTIN" Dances - MOVE! Cologne 👍 [VIDEO]

NEW InPlace GIRLS Bento Dances from "CHRISTIN" OUT NOW!  

Absolutely fluid and cute are the new InPlace Girls Dances from "Christin".
The Animations are exceptionally High in Framerate and come ahead very very smooth. 
Get the them here:

The Dances have been recorded under real Clubbing Conditions. 
MOVE Animations Cologne aims to bring the most possible authenticity into the Body-Capture, especially when it comes to club dances. 

■■SPECIAL THANK YOU PRICE OFFER The Dances cost  300L$ each. We give MORE THAN 20% on each Dance Pack (10 Dances) ■■ (2399L$).■■ 

Video made @ Warehouse 21 Club 

September set - Contrast 👍

 Contrast September set @ The Arcade

1 Wood
2 - 4 Axe Bag 
5 - 7 Bed
8 Tea Pot 
9 Lamp
10 Fire wood light
11 - 14 Chairs
15 Radio
16 Fireplace 
17 Tent RARE

Jackie dress - !APHORISM!

!APHORISM!  Jackie Dress @   Kustom9  From 15th Sept to 10th Oct (available in store after the event) Available in 10 colours each come with...