lundi 13 mars 2023

The Ingrid dresses are available at  Kustom9  from 15th March to 10th April, then in main store/MP.

The dresses come in 10 colours each with a plain & 2 patterned options + 10 colour options on the tights + show/hide on the tights/feet + 'sheen' on/off + 'innocence' panties with show/hide.

Fatpacks are fully customisable at more than 50% discount.

Check out the demo for all options!

Maitreya Lara/Petite - Belleza GenX Classic/Curvey - Legacy/Perky

!APHORISM! Main Store

!APHORISM! Facebook page 


samedi 13 février 2021

Winter Parka - !APHORISM!

!APHORISM! Winter Parka Collection for women *UPDATE* available in store now.

An update which includes a sweater with 10 colours & Show/Hide a new HUD and materials, and a Legacy size. The update is free and if you have not received it by now grab one with the redelivery system.

There will also a Ltd Ed version of the new Winter Parka for women available as a free gift at the !APHORISM! booth at Linden Labs Valentines Hop & Shop event which will be open to the public between the 5th and the 17th of Feb

9 Colours Available

10 Sweater Colours + Show/Hide

3 Fur Colours + Show/Hide

3 Metal Colours

4 Hood Lining Colours

Maitreya - Belleza Isis/Freya - Slink Physique/Hourglass - Legacy

I wear my parka with the APHORISM's Sarah dress


Kenzie - Mimikri

Mimikri Kenzie outfit @ Cosmopolitan

A new range of Cashmere Cardigans and matching Check Box Pleat Skirts . Available for SLink Physique + Hourglass , Maitreya and the Legacy Mesh Body .


New Girls Booty Dances "HANNAH VOL4" out Now 

Check out this ultrasmooth BOOTY DANCES and enjoy the smoothest MOVES 
we`ve ever releasead!

Amazing high framerate moves!

Get the them here:




The Dances have been recorded under real Clubbing Conditions.

MOVE Animations Cologne aims to bring the most possible authenticity into the Body-Capture, especially when it comes to club dances.



The Dances cost 300L$ each. We give MORE THAN 20% on each Dance Pack (10 Dances) ■■ (2399L$).■■

The Dances with the NEW MOVE! Automatic Dance HUD are at a reduced price of 3199L$


Video made @ NorderNey

MoonPhone * Moon Rabbit 📷


 MoonRabbit MoonPhone Special

These phones come with new bento animations - your avatar will be swiping on the screen and scrolling through various pictures, as well as a taking a SELFIE with flash and a sound! 

Every MoonPhone work like typer.

When you type in local chat your avatar dials (bento animation and sound) a message on the phone.

Each rare MoonPhone has 7 colors and includes an additional option to upload your own custom pictures!

Rare 2 is very unique, the animal cases are actually plushy and soft.

Also if you play the machine 30 times, you get a special prize - a sparkly MoonPhone that flickers in any graphic settings, and it has same options as a rare phone.

Commons MoonPhone do not have a function custom pictures.

Find more of MoonRabbit ⬇

lundi 1 février 2021

Stay Cosy - THOR ♥


Thor  Stay Cosy Vol2 gacha set 

On pic

Cosy winter tray - Rare

Red Moka - Special

Chocolate cutting

And find more and more ⬇

Thor InWorld

Thor Marketplace

Thor Flickr

Thor Facebook

Thor twitter

Thor instagram

Abbey - Capsule by DaD ♥


Capsule by DaD Abbey Outfit @  Collabor 88

Capsule by DaD is a new fashion brand that will offer a collection of quality women's clothing that is trendy, stylish and 100% original mesh.  Creative designs that will lay the foundation for a wardrobe that never goes out of style.  Products are fitted for Maitreya, Legacy and Legacy Perky mesh bodies. 


 Ana Poses Brasilia pose @ Epiphany Or  Epiphany sim mirror

The Ingrid dresses are available at   Kustom9   from 15th March to 10th April, then in main store /MP. The dresses come in 10 colours each w...